Come join us this winter break to explore Haiti’s rich culture while learning about and participating in rural community health work! We have been working hard along side our amazing community health workers (CHWs) to empower them with training and tools to partner in managing health in the communities they live in. At our initial hypertension (HTN) screening clinic in June 2017, we were able to determine who is at risk. We are currently in the process of forming a partnership with Haitian Christian Mission’s clinic in Fond Parisien, Haiti, who works with Haiti’s Ministry of Health. Our hope is to have a Haitian doctor go monthly or every other month directly out to these 2 communities to manage medications for our hypertensive patients. Access to care (distance and cost of transportation) is one of the biggest barriers to care for these patients. In addition, the cost of medications is yet another barrier. We are hoping to get some grant funding to be able to pay our community health workers to manage the weekly or daily blood pressure readings, for the doctor to come manage meds, and for the medications themselves. We would like to do some follow up training with our CHWs on proper blood pressure reading skills, as well as doing an educational presentation for them and the community members on basic cardiac health, how hypertension affects the heart and vessels, and ways to help lower blood pressure through diet, exercise, stress management, and medications if indicated.

We will also get to be in Haiti over New Year, which happens to be Haiti’s Independence Day. Yay! We will spend some time in Jacmel, on Haiti’s southern coast, where there will be opportunities (ocean temperament depending) to have surf lessons taught by locals, hiking to an incredible waterfall at Basin Bleu where you can search for the legendary mermaids, and did we mention the incredible food scene? We hope you’ll join us for the adventure of a lifetime! Fall in love with Haiti! <3


Here’s where we’re currently at with our CHW trainings:

  • CPR (trained Dec. 2016)
  • Heimlich Maneuver (trained Dec. 2016)
  • Discussion about traditional medicine remedies that are working well (discussed Dec. 2016)
  • How to take a blood pressure manually (trained March 2017)
  • Education on basic cardiac health, hypertension, follow up training on manual blood pressure reading, and implementation of rural pop-up clinics with a Haitian doctor and nurse (Dec 2017)
  • Basic 1st aid (TBD)
  • Diabetes education and how to take a blood sugar (TBD)
  • Basic ankle strain/sprain treatment (TBD)
  • More topics TBD