Take Our Online Course – Global Health Experiences in Haiti


An introduction to global health issues with a focus on Haiti, this class is great for anyone with an interest in global health. Explores topics including a brief history of Haiti, working within a culture and context that is not your own, inequities, structural violence, economic development, specific cultural beliefs and practices, self-reflection and acknowledgement of one’s own power and privilege, ethics of medical volunteerism, community-based approaches to health care, research methods in an international setting focused on empowerment evaluations, and how to form sustainable community partnerships.

The course cost is $50, but is included when you are part of an Experience Haiti Trip.

The modules in this course include:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Critical Global Public Health
  • Module 2: Inequities & The Global Burden of Disease
  • Module 3: The Ethics of Medical Volunteerism
  • Module 4: Power & Privilege / Personal Identity
  • Module 5: History of Haiti & The Role of Structural Violence
  • Module 6: Food, Culture, and Spiritual Beliefs in Haiti
  • Module 7: Health & Health Care in Haiti
  • Module 8: Community Development Using The Empowerment Model
  • Module 9: Global Health Case Studies in Haiti – Empower Haiti Together
  • Module 10: Reflect & Take Action!
  • Bonus Module 1: Economics in Global Health
  • Bonus Module 2: The Social Aspect of Global Health

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Thank you for your interest in learning more about upstream, sustainable public health in Haiti.