Fonds Cheval

Fonds Cheval is a small, rural community up Mon Kabrit (Goat Mountain) on National Route 3 just past Tete Rauge. Pastor Eddy Bernard is the pastor of a church there that is a church plant from Haitian Christian Mission. Suburban Christian Church in Corvallis, OR is their sister church and has been supporting them for many years.

Fonds Cheval map

Projects in Fonds Cheval:

  • CLEAN WATER ACCESS: A well was attempted to be drilled in Fonds Cheval by an experienced drilling company in Haiti, but after drilling down to 380 ft. there was no water found. This was disheartening news, but we will be working hard with community members there to come up with an alternative solution to clean water access.

Well Drilling - Fonds Cheval