Haiti is often viewed by the media as a desolate, miserable place full of poverty, disease, and misfortune, but there’s so much more to Haiti than that, so don’t be fooled! Haitians are very proud of their culture, their beautiful island, their love for dancing to lively, tropical rhythms, their delectable foods, and their history as the first nation formed after a successful slave revolt in 1804. Haiti is a beautiful, mountainous, and culturally vibrant place to visit! We want to show the world that there’s more to Haiti, so we offer “Experience Haiti” trips!

The “Experience Haiti” trips include opportunities to visit some of the communities we’re working with and learn first hand what a healthy partnership model in Haiti looks like. In addition, we’ll take you exploring around this beautiful island, shopping in open air markets, sharing meals with Haitian families, jumping off waterfalls into crystal blue waters, swimming in the blue-green ocean…or just sunbathing on the white sand beaches if you prefer, and hiking in the mountains.

We strive to stimulate the local economy by purchasing food from local vendors and choosing to lodge and shop at places that create employment for Haitians. The Experience Haiti trip is a truly unique, local experience you will never forget!

We hope you’ll join us on an Experience Haiti trip and get introduced to the Haiti we know and love!





Our first trip Experience Haiti trip was June 2015. Six students from Oregon State University had the adventure of a lifetime!
Our first trip Experience Haiti trip was June 2015. Six students from Oregon State University had the adventure of a lifetime!





“Global Health Experiences in Haiti” Online Course

An introduction to global health issues with a focus on Haiti, this class is great for anyone with an interest in global health. Explores topics including a brief history of Haiti, working within a culture and context that is not your own, inequities, structural violence, economic development, specific cultural beliefs and practices, self-reflection and acknowledgement of one’s own power and privilege, ethics of medical volunteerism, community-based approaches to health care, research methods in an international setting focused on empowerment evaluations, and how to form sustainable community partnerships.

Student Testimonies




“This is an amazing course for anyone who wants to learn more about service, Haiti, and/or how to do public health in a culturally sensitive manner. This course changed how I view the world and myself and also kept me up thinking many nights…” – Nausheen Habib, MSW, MPH Candidate – University of Texas

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“A must take course for any student interested in global health, public health, and just anyone who wishes to see the reality of a developing nation and how you can effectively help through means of understanding culture, values, and experiencing Haiti for yourself. By far, the best course I have taken that teaches me the reality of life and what it means to help and fight for others right to live a poverty free life. This course has changed my single story of not just Haiti but the world and it helps me continue to believe that change is possible no matter the circumstances. Thank you Aslan for helping me find my true passion to help others in such a heartfelt way! Empower Haiti Together until the end!” – Ani Hernandez, BS Public Health, Oregon State University

Interested in taking our online course? Please fill out the form below and click “submit”. Then complete the course payment of $50 via PayPal by following the instructions below. Once we review your submission, you’ll receive an invitation to the course via Eliademy. Follow the instructions in the e-mail from Eliademy to get logged in and view the course. Questions? E-mail: empowerhaititogether@gmail.com

Please note: If you are planning on going on one of our Experience Haiti trips, the course is included in your trip fee. Please instead go the the drop down of the “Experience Haiti” tab and click on the trip you are interested in going on to fill out the application form there and submit your deposit. Once your application and deposit have been received and reviewed, you will be given course access via Eliademy. 🙂



Please submit your payments via PayPal. Once on the PayPal website, click “send” and use this e-mail address to send payment: empowerhaititogether@gmail.com. Choose the “family & friends” option to avoid fees for either of us when you pay with a linked bank account. If you choose to pay with a linked debit or credit card, there will be a fee from Paypal. Please type in the notes field “Global Health Experiences Class for (enter your name)”.