I’m sharing this prayer from a sweet, new friend in Haiti, Sami Rigelsky, because it says everything I want you to hear and be considering:


“Please, friends, don’t stop praying for Haiti. The coverage may cease, but the work and pain will carry on. Hurricane Matthew wreaked unfathomable amounts of havoc on this land. There is heartbreak and devastation that will take much time to heal and rebuild from. There are some things that will never heal.


Mothers and fathers have lost children.


Children have lost mothers and fathers.


Homes have been washed away.


Loved ones were swept away and will never be found. Ever.


People are sick and they are starving.


Cholera is trying to rear it’s ugly head again.


People are dying.


Families are hurting.


Haiti is strong, but aching.


Only you, God.


God of peace would you continue to pour out comfort across this island. Would you raise up your people to help their neighbors. Would you cause the water to recede and the diseases to be stopped in their tracks. Will you bind up the plans that the enemy has to destroy hearts, minds and lives and will you use this tragedy to unite a nation further and to bring glory and honor to your name. Would you cause your people to look outside of themselves. Would you speak to hearts and wallets and would you cause them to act and be used. Make generosity the benchmark and greed fall away. God of all power and might would you show your strength in this nation. You alone can heal this land. Through your people. Through your power. Through salvation and through love. God, I ask that you would cause unity. That you would cause organization. That you would protect dollars for relief and allow them ONLY to be used for your plans and purposes to rebuild according to your will. Increase food and increase supplies. Would your people on the ground see miracles. May it be like manna from heaven and would it be like the feeding of the five thousand. God, we trust you. Help us in our unbelief. Meet people in their dreams during the night and during the day. You have more power and might in your voice than any Hurricane ever will have in it’s action. So, we ask that you would speak away hunger, disease and death. Manifest your presence in every inch of Haiti. In every heart. In every mind. In EVERY way.




ONLY God.”

Empower Haiti Together is sending much needed supplies like chlorine to treat water, oral rehydration salts for those suffering from cholera, tarps, toilet paper, food (all locally purchase in country to support Haiti’s economy), and inflatable solar lights to hurricane affected areas through Haitian friends. One of them has family in Dame Marie, a small town on the far tip of Haiti’s SW peninsula. Another is the lovely Jonatha (pictured below), who just finished nursing school! Empower Haiti Together, along with generous donations from many of you, allowed this single mama to finish school. We couldn’t be prouder! We are planning a proper graduation celebration for her this December, when we return with student groups.
Jonatha is a brand new nurse! We are so proud of her!


Empower Haiti Together is also providing lodging for groups and individuals who are working with hurricane affected areas and are needing a place to stay while in Port-au-Prince. We are also hosting an early morning prayer session Friday, October 14th at 5:30 am (coffee and bread provided) for those wanting to lift up the thousands that are suffering throughout Haiti’s SW as well as to encourage and support those that have been providing relief day in and day out. If you live in Haiti, we hope you can join us. Our guesthouse, Lakay Poze, is located near the Toussaint Louverture PAP airport. Leaving the airport, go left (east) until just before you get to the MINUSTAH (UN base). Turn R when you see the Budget car rental mural. Our house is a few houses down on the right – red gate #4. Please contact us if you or your group is needing an affordable place to stay while in Port-au-Prince.

If you would like to contribute to Empower Haiti Together’s work in Haiti, please click here.


Empower Haiti Together is a for-profit social business that exists to promote sustainable and empowering partnerships in Haiti. Our goal is to form partnerships with individuals, communities, and organizations in order to find ways to provide Haitians with the tools they need to create the change they desire. 

We support sustainable ways to provide resources rather than hand outs in order to reduce the dependency cycle.


Through purchasing coffee, jewelry, coconut oil soaps, mugs and other Haitian products through our online store, you are supporting jobs and livelihoods in this vibrant country that was once known as the Pearl of the Antilles. Our proceeds fund our community projects and our business expenses.

Want to join us in Haiti? Learn more about our Experience Haiti trips here!

“Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice.”

– Nelson Mandela

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